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Abstretta’s upgrades and hosting move are complete so it’s time to get to the next phase: opening the product to the public. While the banner still says “Beta” the system is much closer to “RC2” levels of stability. So mainly we’re looking to find anything that we missed in testing as users start to explore the system.

To recap, Abstretta’s features include:

  • Resumes represented as dynamic documents
  • Multiple persona support
  • Apply different themes without re-authoring
  • Support for multiple saved resume configurations
  • Publish resumes publicly, privately, or privately to specific contacts
  • Inboard cover letter mechanism
  • Contact form available while viewing a resume
  • Activity tracking for email and resume views
  • “Scribbles” allow saving and distributing relevent information like references
  • “Opportunities” make it easy to manage the job-search workflow online
  • Weekly statistics for how many views your resumes received
  • Mobile-web interface means your resume is always with you

We’re starting to get into finding venture funding for the full product launch, so getting a few hundred users while in pre-release will help that along. Expect to start seeing ads on social media for Abstretta very soon!

NOTE: A lot was changed with the Rails 6 upgrade, so it’s possible we missed a few things in QA. If you get a crash, rest assured we see it in the exception tracker and will look into the problem ASAP. So far the bugs that’ve come up as a result of the upgrade were each fixable in under half an hour, so we don’t expect anything seriously crippling to come up.