• Top 10 Features You Need In A Resume Publishing or Career Support App

    The dynamics of work and what employers look for in a resume has changed quite a lot in the last decade. Some employers reject any resume over a page long, most people look for work along more than one career path, and so on. This blog entry will focus on are the Top Ten features one should look for in a modern resume publishing and career support application.
  • What Is A Dynamic Resume?

    Abstretta uses the methodology of a Content Management System (CMS) to deliver resumes. Content, style, and structure are all independent from each other, allowing resumes to be quickly assembled and re-assembled without time-consuming manual editing of a complexly formatted document.
  • Public Beta Now Open

    Abstretta's upgrades and hosting move are complete so it's time to get to the next phase: opening the product to the public. While the banner still says 'Beta' the system is much closer to 'RC2' levels of stability. So mainly we're looking to find anything that we missed in testing as users start to explore the system.
  • Hosting Change, Rails 6 Upgrade

    Abstretta has been upgraded to Rails 6. This opens up a lot of new features and performance enhancements (not the least of which is moving all the JavaScript code into WebPacker). There may still be a few bugs, but it looks like things are holding up.

  • StimulusJS Rewrite

    Over the holiday break I recoded all the JavaScript code using StimulusJS. StimulusJS is written by the folks at Basecamp and integrates perfectly with the TurboLinks page-load lifecycle making things faster and less glitchy.
  • 'Opportunity' Knocks Release

    This is a pretty big release. For starters, there’s a new “Quick Send” feature on the home page. This makes it easier to ‘just send a resume’. It takes the default Prospect and Cover Letter and send the selected Resume (in it’s default configuration) to the person entered.