CHANGE The rest of the account support code is now enabled. This includes password reset and account confirmation. If you can't log in, hit the button to re-send the confirmation instructions.

FEATURE The 'regenerate publication' code now works. When you send a Resume to a Contact, the content is cached at the moment the link is sent. So if you change your resume in the interim, the recipient won't have their version change on them unexpectedly - unless you hit "Regenerate".

FEATURE The URL's on a Resume's Publish page can now be copied directly to the clipboard for pasting into your own emails.

BUG ACL was still enabled for viewing published resumes

CHANGE Added back-end support for adding resources to billable items ... because ...

CHANGE Decided to go with $16/yr flat for the Pro Plan during the rollout, sign-up/billing pages adjusted accordingly

CHANGE Sign-up Page is now enabled, but with a Beta Entry Code to throttle sign-ups to what I can manage

CHANGE Added more back-end tools for managing the system

CHANGE Designed a new logo with an Italian/Euro kind of typography

CHANGE Added 'preview' and 'send' buttons to Resume cards

BUG Fixed an issue with tag counts