FEATURE SSL is now the default protocol on the production server.

BUG Put in the missing "set default" functionality for Cover Letters.

CHANGE Dotenv installed for better config management (not that end-users will notice).

CHANGE More test code written to reduce odds of us breaking something by accident.

BUG Fixed a crash when you only have one name in a ContactInfo Piece.

BUG Fixed a routing error after confirmation - the route I used to use used to work - that was then, this is now.

CHANGE Slight UI tweak to make page header stand out more.

CHANGE Slight UI tweaks for readability of the UI - alignments, subtle typography changes, etc.

CHANGE Put in Google reCaptcha for humanoid authentication on the sign-up form - Open Beta is thus upon us.

BUG Default Experience Piece had Education info in it ... duh.

BUG Minor bug in admin console with editing Users.