FEATURE Opportunities - a new feature that creates a new workflow based on jobs applied for as opposed to untethered sending of resumes. This transforms Abstretta into a more complete career support tool.

CHANGE Added JWT support to the back-end in preparation for development of the native iOS/Android Apps.

CHANGE Added GDPR compliance page.

CHANGE Further small refinements to the new 'white album' UI theme.

BUG I had forgotten to wire up the 'delete' buttons on timeline notes. Fixed.

BUG Date validation for Publications was wrong. Fixed.

CHANGE Adding referential links in places where they'd be helpful.

CHANGE Changed the table class for Timeline displays to have more white space and be more readable.

FEATURE (Home Page) Added Set-Up Progress Bar to help onboarding new users.

CHANGE (Home Page) Moved Intro Video to the top right to make room for Quick Send.

FEATURE (Home Page) Added new Quick Send panel.